Tales of Disassociation

by Desolate Cemetery

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released May 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Desolate Cemetery Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Intro/Lethargic State
chaos descends
plaguing mankind
Witness to
the catastrophic nature
of forlorn desires
of forgotten hope
the descent of one
past the black horizon
near the mourning sun

Soon I will be
nothing more than dust
forgotten in earthen crust

(It matters not how long I sleep
My rest never seems to come
I drag my body around..your society)
Apathetic and numb)

Of all energy
Of will to live

Of strength to go on
A lethargic state
Track Name: Loathsome Expedition
What is this world I am forced into?
How did it come to be?
the same reality we all must face
an existence without meaning

Disease, War, Famine!
Power, Lies, Corruption!
Genocide, Nuclear Destruction!
Sorrow, Love, Addiction!

Cast out to sea
a lonely journey
deep in solitude
with only my thoughts

I often wonder
Why I should go on
Living in Misery
A Slave to society

Capsize the Boat
Now there is no choice
Drowning in my guilt
for failing completely

Nuclear War Outbreak
eliminate our race
post apocalyptic clouds
Engulf the vacant earth

The planet, laid to rest
In the vast spectral cemetery
Without concept of time
Ways of old erased
Track Name: Stakes of Flesh
Through the Stake
They're Impaled
It's Their Fate!
Left to rot
and decay..
taste their blood
feel my pain
As I watch
their life fade
tortued screams
fields of men
Stench of death
no more dreams, die!

Burn them down
A massive grave
will be made of this town

Cries and screams
They try to flee
but to no avail
All shall be IMPALED!
Track Name: Veiled Irreligion (Bethlehem Cover)
Desire's my saying
Final's my appearance
Care-worn's my glance
Apathetic's my devotion
Through yearning rises
Out of deep dark chasm
Up to deceased brightness
With the original power of life
A black feathered bird
Trips softly in the surge
A last sunbeam illuminates
In a bleeden darkness